We Are On The Ground In Ukraine Handing Out Much-Needed Supplies To Pets And People

For the past two years, GreaterGood and The Animal Rescue Site have been working closely with partner organizations all over Ukraine to deliver aid where it is needed. We continue to send help thanks to your generous donations.

GreaterGood’s CEO, Tim Kunin, is traveling to hard-hit areas in Ukraine alongside Nina Yevtushenko, GreaterGood employee in Ukraine, handing out much-needed supplies to animal shelters and providing food and supplies to the people.

These items were donated thanks to your continued support. Times are tough in Ukraine as the war continues. The people and pets are forever grateful for your donations.

Thankfully, there are heroes who are risking their lives to help those in need. Tim was able to visit and help shelters who are caring for dozens of animals. Thanks to you, he was able to bring warm wool blankets and large bags of pet food. Nina captured photos and videos of their visit to share with you. See how the pets responded to your kind gifts below.

Cat Shelter

Photo: GreaterGood

Tim and Nina arrived at Only One Heart is Vigilant, a cat shelter in Odessa, started in 2008 by a woman named Elena with several bags of cat food and blankets. Elena is currently caring for 54 cats, many with health issues, that she rescued from the war-torn streets.

Several were abandoned by their owners and forced to fend for themselves on the streets, like Bagheera. This sweet feline is finally safe.

Photo: GreaterGood

Tim enjoyed his time with the friendly cats and their therapeutic purrs. The cats are so thankful for the nutritious food and for a warm place to nap.

Dog Shelter

Photo: GreaterGood

The team headed to a city shelter next called “Animals of Odessa”. There they met Elena and Oksana, representatives of the shelter, at the dog adoption center. They shared with us that the center is not only a home for over 40 homeless dogs, but a place where locals can come and interact with the dogs and hopefully fall in love with one.

Over a dozen of the dogs were rescued from Kherson when it was heavily bombed. They have been helping homeless animals since 2020 and take pride in caring for the animals until they find homes. Numerous large dogs barked with excitement as Tim and Nina walked with shelter staff around the kennels.

Photo: GreaterGood

These dogs will have full bellies thanks to the donated pet food and warm shelter thanks to the dog kennels you helped provide.

Disabled Dogs

Photo: GreaterGood

Oksana also brought the team over to the shelter for injured and disabled dogs who were each given their own warm blanket. Tim spent some time with the sweet dogs after hearing their heartbreaking stories. He also thanked all the devoted staff and volunteers for their work and compassion towards these animals.

Patron Pet Center

Patron Pet Center opened just eight months ago in Kyiv and has already managed to find homes for 800 pets. The visionary behind this center is a veterinarian and an architect who created a space that is calming for homeless pets and gives them the best care possible.

Photo: GreaterGood

Tim arrived with warm blankets and toured the facility that left him in awe. He told us, “It is an amazing facility. Radiant heated floors in all kennel rooms, lots of toys and enrichment devices, dogs walked twice daily, 24-hour staffing, cameras in the kennels posted to the internet so people can follow and support animals needing adoption, and much more.”

The center plans on expanding to the second floor of the building for a cat space, which we are helping raise funds for.

Just days after Tim’s visit, one of the largest attacks on Ukraine’s capital occurred and the center opened its doors to homeless and abandoned animals. Brave volunteers are risking their lives by heading into the dangerous areas to save dogs and cats left behind. They are being brought back to the Patron Pet Center and The Animal Rescue Site, in partnership with Greater Good Charities, is providing medical care and support for these pets, thanks to your support.

Check out the devastating video below and join us in helping those in need.

Pizza Party

While traveling through areas devastated by the war, the team stopped to host a pizza party for locals to provide good food and fun. Adults and children formed a line as Tim and the team cooked pizzas and played upbeat music for all to enjoy.

Photo: GreaterGood

People were smiling and enjoying themselves and forgetting for a brief time about the war. We have been supporting Siobahn’s Trust who has been hosting pizza parties in devastated areas since the war began.

Tourniquet Donation

The brave people fighting for their country need medical supplies. Tim met up with some military members at a charity exhibition of Ukrainian artists and delivered 50 tourniquets to help save lives.

Photo: GreaterGood

This isn’t the first or the last donation of medical supplies needed for troops. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine lists bandages and tourniquets as key medical supplies needed on the frontlines. Help us to continue to send these life-saving supplies to the brave men and women in Ukraine by donating here.

Your donations are changing the lives of pets and people in Ukraine. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support for Ukraine. Together we CAN make a difference.

Check out more photos of the trip to Ukraine below.

Tim with Elena and Oksana from dog shelter in Odessa.
Photo: GreaterGood

One of over 40 dogs at Odessa dog shelter.
Photo: GreaterGood

Shelter dog in Odessa waiting for a forever home.
Photo: GreaterGood

Rescued cats at shelter in Odessa.
Photo: GreaterGood

One of several cats recovering at cat shelter.
Photo: GreaterGood