Rhino In French Zoo Was Shot And Had Its Horn Removed By Poachers

A rhino living in a zoo close to Paris had its enclosure invaded by poachers, was shot three times, and had its horn removed with a chainsaw. This is yet another disgusting act that has been plaguing the world in recent weeks.

Vince was a four-year-old white rhinoceros who was born at the Burgers’ Zoo in the Netherlands. He had two other rhinos with him in his enclosure but both five-year-old Gracie and 37-year-old Bruno were safe from any harm.

It appeared that the criminals ran out of time during their murderous act, because Vince’s second horn also had evidence of being cut, but it wasn’t removed.

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Rhino horns are still an extremely sought-after commodity, especially on the black market and in China, where they are said to have special medicinal qualities.

All of the staff at the zoo were shocked at the horrific event, especially Vince’s trainer who had become particularly attached to the beautiful young rhino.

Even though there were security cameras and numerous workers who live at the zoo, Vince was still murdered and his killers have not yet been caught.

White rhinos like Vince and his friends were once on the brink of extinction, but with exceptional conservation efforts, their numbers are beginning to climb. However, the threat of illegal poaching is still plaguing their populations worldwide.

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