General Questions

Is there any way for me to have even more impact?

Yes, become a member of the Kibble Plus program to double, triple, or quadruple kibble funded. Your Kibble Plus membership will also fund additional monthly kibble donations, a one-time signup bonus of kibble, AND vaccinate shelter pets every month!

Where are my donations going?

All donations to shelters are made through our nonprofit partner, Greater Good Charities. Their innovative Rescue Bank program delivers food and supplies across the country.

Is my membership tax-deductible?

At this time, it’s not tax-deductible. Although we send the Kibble Plus funds to our partner non-profit, Greater Good Charities, to feed and vaccinate shelter animals, it’s not tax-deductible to you…

Do you really give kibble and litter?

Kibble and litter donation totals have an equivalent value. Your clicks support food and litter as well as vital supplies for shelters and rescues. Donations are given to shelters based on their need at the time as well as the quantities of donated kibble, litter, and supplies that Rescue Bank has available to distribute.

I submitted my pet for What Makes You Happy. What should I do next?

Please be patient with us! We receive thousands of “Happy” photos and it takes us a while to process all the images. If yours doesn’t get chosen right away, please be mindful of the photo requirements we have for our Happy images sited on the email.

Freekibble Dog & Cat’s Names

Did you know our puppy dog has yet to be named, but our kitty’s name is Lulu!

Leaderboards and Badges

How do the Leaderboards work?

The streak leaderboard is the people with the most consecutive days clicked. If needed, a tie breaker occurs and the winner is the one with the most kibble donated. The kibble leaderboard shows the people with the most kibble donated, as tracked in their Kibble Plus account.

How do these badges work?

Badges are a fun way for you to track how many consecutive days in a row you’ve played Freekibble. It takes ONE trivia question daily to increase your total. Unlock badges as you increase your streak, including bonus kibble badges which give an extra donation!

Do I need a Kibble Plus account to earn badges?

Yes! But a FREE sidekick account will earn just as many badges/bonuses as someone with a paid membership.

I achieved a certain badge. How does my kibble bonus get applied?

Kibble bonuses are split equally to both dog & cat. For example, if you earned a 100 day badge, 500 pieces of kibble is applied to your dashboard for each, making it a 1000 piece bonus.

I wasn’t logged in & missed my streak. Can you add a day for me?

No, unfortunately. Please be sure you’re logged in before you play Freekibble each day and earn badges that increase your impact.

My dashboard hasn’t updated my vaccinations or other bonuses in several months. Why?

Yearly member bonuses are updated annually, including vaccinations. Thank you for understanding.

My current streak in my dashboard went to zero. What happened?

Unfortunately, there was a bug preventing streaks from correctly resetting on missed days. Your streak is meant to count consecutive days only. That bug was corrected and now streaks are resetting as intended.

Kibble Plus Questions

Why does the site say I only donated 10 pieces of kibble after I answered a trivia question?

You must be logged in to your Kibble Plus account for extra kibble to be tracked. If you are logged in you’ll see a “Welcome back” message above the day’s trivia along with your name. If you aren’t logged in you will see a prompt to log in.

I accidentally answered a trivia question when I wasn’t logged in. Can you add kibble to my dashboard?

Sorry, we’re unable to update individual users’ totals. Please ensure you are logged in prior to answering trivia.

Why does my litter counter in my dashboard seem incorrect?

It takes 8 clicks to generate 1 scoop of litter. Litter is much heavier than kibble and, therefore, we can’t send as much given the high shipping costs. Thank you for understanding!

Why can’t I choose whether a dog or cat should receive vaccinations anymore?

It is not logistically feasible for us to earmark funds for dogs or cats as the need is constantly in flux. Vaccination funds are used when and where they are needed most.

What is the Kibble Plus Membership Return Policy?

You can cancel your membership at ANY time via your account settings. If you’re having issues with your account, please contact info@freekibble.com to discuss a refund.

Why don’t my Animal Rescue Site purchases add to my Kibble donated total?

While Freekibble and The Animal Rescue Site both operate under the GreaterGood umbrella, the two are separate websites with separate click counters. You can learn more about that here.